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Aleppo, Beduine

News, February 25, 2009

Radio Damascus Online

It isn't Radio Damascus' official website, but some volunteers apparently thought that an online appearance of the station shouldn't wait any longer. contains links for downloads of the English and German programmes, and another link to a Yahoo Group.

News, April 30, 2008

Family Business?

Aleppo, Syriatel

» U.S. pressures Turkcell to abandon Syria deal, Reuters, 30.04.08

Current Affairs 2002

Waiting for the Dawn (Roger Hardy)

From the second world war up to the 1990s, BBC London, the German service of the BBC, stayed on the air. It was probably the most instructive radio programme in German language ever. Features like Waiting for the Dawn – Islam and Modernity would have been translated into and broadcast in German, too, back then. Now it is only available in English. It is available online, these days, on the other hand. But that is only a small compensation.

More recent, Iran: » BBC News, July 27, 2006 - Execution of a teenage girl

Part 1, Introduction BBC WS, July 12, 2002
Part 2, Egypt´s Crisis of Identity BBC WS, July 16, 2002
Part 3, Turkey: Battle of the Headscarf BBC WS, July 22, 2002
Part 4, Iran: Pressure for Change BBC WS, July 29, 2002
Part 5, Pakistan: Culture of Jihad BBC WS, August 5, 2002
Part 6, Islam and the West BBC WS, August 12, 2002

Current Affairs II, July 14, 2007

Radio Damascus

Foreign Languages

Radio Damascus in English

There is no homepage of Radio Damascus´ foreign language programmes, let alone audio files for download.
Radio Damascus broadcasts in English from 20:05 to 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time, and from 21:10 to 22:10 GMT

Short wave: 9330 kHz, 12085 kHz, 13610 kHz.

Radio Damascus is mainly a broadcaster of official statements and views. Culture is no big issue, and Alepposeife or Aleppo soap may not be one at all. But if you are interested in learning which organisations count as resistance fighters in official Syria, and which would rather be rebels, Radio Damascus will tell you.

Syria as a Travel Destination...

... is less predictable than a two-weeks holiday on Canary Island. No warranty that these links here are accurate. But then, travelling isn´t about certainties, after all.

Lonely Planet about Syria Aleppo, travelled and described by George Azar
The website of this American of Palestinian origins goes far beyond Syria, but contains some nice descriptions about Aleppo, too.


Are they after our laptops?

South Africans travel Aleppo

An implicit warning note to nasty immigration officials – an impolite reception for travellers may spoil your country´s image.

Two South Africans did not enjoy every minute of their stay –
posted on on April 22, 2007.


Visiting Damascus

Happy and unhappy moments

Usually reporting from Israel and the occupied territories, a BBC reporter thinks back to his stay in Damascus, a week ago.

» BBC News, December 10, 2007